Dynamo Delay is the simple, safe, effective solution!

DYNAMO® DELAY helps couples enjoy longer-lasting sex with a clinically tested, fast-acting formula that provides safe and effective results.

This non-irritating spray temporarily prolongs the time until ejaculation using a concentrated 13% lidocaine formula, which provides a topical numbing sensation that works in minutes and lasts for hours! Improve stamina, increase endurance, and prolong pleasure without a prescription!

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13% Lidocaine Formula

Simple, Safe, and Effective Solution

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Lidocaine formula


More Concentrated


More Product

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the sprays per bottle

Less than HALF
the cost per spray

DYNAMO DELAY is the Best Value Overall!

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Lidocaine Concentration





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Made in USA

Active Ingredient: Lidocaine

FDA Compliant

Customer Testimonials

My partner’s pleasure is a priority so I needed something that’d help me stay focused instead of worrying about having an orgasm too fast. Spraying lidocaine on my penis didn’t sound terribly appealing at first, but I felt comfortable trying Dynamo® Delay because it’s FDA-compliant and made legally right here in the USA. It’s now the only delay spray I’ll use and I recommend it to all of my friends.

Tony T.

Premature ejaculation is embarrassing and something I’ve been dealing with since I retired last year. I’ve tried all kinds of pills and sprays to help prevent it from happening and Dynamo® Delay has been the easiest and most effective of them all. Plus it’s more concentrated and I get way more bang for my buck (literally) which makes it worth every penny.

Jerry W.

I’ve been looking for a delay spray I can trust and Dynamo® Delay has all the credentials I need to feel comfortable using it on my sensitive skin. I felt a numbing sensation within minutes and was able to stay in the game longer than ever – and my wife definitely noticed a difference! Now it’s a staple in our sex life.

Ken P.

I’ve always felt I orgasmed much sooner than I should and thought I’d try a numbing spray to see if it would help me last long enough to satisfy my girlfriend. Dynamo® Delay helps me stay hard twice as long as usual and has given me a newfound confidence in the bedroom that has made me a better lover in general.

Andrew M.

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