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What does Dynamo Delay feel like?

Dynamo Delay works to temporarily provide a numbing sensation on the head and shaft of the penis. When applied as directed, users should feel a numbing sensation begin after 5-10 minutes.

How many sprays should I use each time?

It is recommended that you use 3 or more sprays not to exceed 10. However, the number of sprays needed to achieve desired results vary from man to man. Many men feel the desired effect after 1 or 2 sprays, though most must adjust the number of sprays according various factors, including arousal level, penis sensitivity, and how long he wants to last before ejaculation. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long for most users to learn what dosage works best for their bodies.

Can I use too much?

You should never exceed the maximum 10 sprays as directed. As with any medication, you should aim to use the smallest effective dosage. Users that exceed recommended doses may experience temporary loss of erection, numbness or skin irritation. Should this occur, immediately wash the penis and cease use of the product. Symptoms should soon go away but if they persist, users are advised to contact a physician.

When should I not use Dynamo Delay?

Do not use Dynamo Delay if you or your partner is allergic to lidocaine or other anesthetics

Do not use on broken or irritated skin

Do not spray in or near eyes or mouth and do not orally ingest

If applied as directed but does not provide relief, discontinue use. Premature ejaculation may be due to a condition requiring medical supervision.

Is Dynamo Delay safe to use with other medications?

Check with your physician before using Dynamo Delay if you are being treated for any other medical conditions.

Can I use Dynamo Delay on other parts of my body?

Do not use Dynamo Delay on any other part of the body. This product should only be applied to the penis and must be used as directed.

Will Dynamo Delay wash off in the shower?

Yes. Dynamo Delay is water-soluble and can easily be washed off. However, any numbing effect will need time to wear off.

Will Dynamo Delay stain sheets or clothes?

Dynamo Delay should not leave any stains if applied as recommended. If the product does come in contact with fabric, any spots should easily be removed in the washing machine.

Is Dynamo Delay safe for oral contact?

Dynamo Delay is safe to use for oral sex. Just make sure to thoroughly remove excess product prior to oral contact to prevent any numbness from transferring to your partner’s mouth.

Are there any side effects?

When used as directed, there are no known side effects.

How do I use Dynamo Delay?

Apply 3 or more sprays to the head and shaft of the penis

Wait 5-10 minutes

Adjust dosage according to desired results – just do not exceed 10 sprays

If using before oral sex, it is recommended to wipe the penis with a damp towel 5-10 minutes after application, and before proceeding with oral contact

Thoroughly wash product off after intercourse